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Gold Star Driving School is one of the top driving school Scarborough for safe driving lessons & courses. We are MTO approved driving school in Scarborough and Beginner Driver Education courses provider in Scarborough and surrounding areas. Every driving instruction is a one-on-one lesson. Our driving school in Scarborough offers online classes and courses for e-learning. You require a person who will pay close attention to you, comprehend your needs, be quite knowledgeable, and be conversant with the most recent traffic laws in the Scarborough region.

Driving School Scarborough - Learn from Expert Driving Instructor Scarborough


We'll put you on the correct track in obtaining your Ontario driver's license quickly and safely. Our top priority is your safety and success; therefore, as a driving school Scarborough, we will teach you how to drive on Scarborough streets, parallel parking, traffic, and congestion. You might be qualified to take your road test earlier and qualify for insurance premium discounts.


We provide driving courses for all ages at our driving school in Scarborough. We are confident that you will consider us to be top driving school Scarborough. Register with us today and begin your driving classes and driving lessons in Scarborough.


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Join GoldStar, Top Driving School in Scarborough, ON & Learn to Drive Safely!


We know the value of learning to drive, including the increased self-assurance of mastering a new skill and the opportunities available after you have your license. For this reason, a lot of effort and innovation went into creating a curriculum that is centered on giving students the interdisciplinary understanding and hands-on training they need to be great drivers.


Our in-person training courses at Scarborough driving school aim to instruct students on various topics, including driving in different weather situations, following traffic signals, and other issues. Thanks to the course, students will be adequately prepared to take and pass the G1 Knowledge test.


Our driver training school Scarborough provides extensive training following MTO requirements. We help develop the skills required to pass the G2 and G road test examinations. Our government-certified teachers are kind, understanding, and extremely good at breaking down driving fundamentals so that students may quickly understand and put them into practice. 


Our driving lessons are designed to allow students to progress at their speed. To ensure that each student receives precise and useful feedback on their progress, teachers at our driving school Scarborough, always offer each student their undivided attention.


Our driving school Scarborough provides manual car driving lessons, Scarborough in various languages to remove any hurdles that could impede our students from learning easily and performing to their fullest ability.

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MTO Approved & Beginner Driving Education Training Provider Scarborough


Gold star is Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider Scarborough. For a decade, we have been educating our young drivers in the Scarborough region. Our institution has graduated thousands of pupils. We promise the best rates in Scarborough and provide one of the most thorough educational programs in the area.


We specialize in instructing defensive driving training and collision-free driving methods. Our students receive the strong foundation they need in In-car driving lessons Scarborough to become effective drivers from our experienced instructors. The Ministry of Transportation-approved G2 and G in-car lesson packages and driving courses are available from our driving school Scarborough. 


Enroll immediately in a driving school to receive a certificate and a discount on your insurance and to find out how many driving lessons Scarborough has. Our BDE Courses are offered various packages. After enrolling in our driving lessons Scarborough, we can help you pass your G2/G Road Test, but you won't be eligible for an insurance discount. 


Driving Lessons in Scarborough


Our instructors for driving classes and driving lessons in Scarborough are knowledgeable about traffic regulations and will assist you in getting ready to pass your road tests. Our driving instructor in Scarborough will provide instructions on traffic laws, road signs and signals, safe driving techniques, and other requirements to make you feel at ease and secure while driving.


The fundamentals include topics like car components, driver behavior, attention control, sharing the road with other motorists, highway driving, how to drive safely in various scenarios, and knowing about emergency maneuvers and techniques! (Basically, all you need to know about driving!) BDE Courses will also teach you the consequences of driving while inebriated, distracted, etc.


Every driving school that has received ministry accreditation must provide at least these services:

  • 20 hours of classroom instruction
  • 10 hours of instruction in vehicles
  • 10 hours of flexible instruction, delivered through computer-based training, prescribed reading, or in-person driving sessions


You may find us online by typing “driving school near me” or "driving lessons near me" into a search engine. After that, contact us to learn more about our individualized in-car driving lessons, Scarborough.




Q.1 Are 10 hours of driving lessons enough in Ontario? 

According to the official government website, you may decide when you are ready to take the exam, and there is no minimum amount of driving lessons needed. Nevertheless, most experts believe 35–50 hours of driving instruction are preferable.


Q.2 How many driving lessons do you need in Ontario? 

In addition to the 20 hours of classroom training and the 10 hours of driving instruction, a basic driver education course that has received government approval must also include 10 hours of flexible instruction time. That can be applied to extra transportation or classroom teaching.


Q.3 How much do driving lessons cost in Scarborough, Ontario 

The average cost of driving school is $600, with prices ranging from $575 to $800. The price will change depending on the driving school and package you select. While it may seem pricey, it is a long-term investment resulting in lower vehicle insurance.


Q.4 Can you drive on the 401 with a G1?

When driving on any 400-series highway, a G1 driver must have a qualified Ontario driving instructor in the passenger seat.