Driving License

Obtaining Driving License

Graduated licensing was introduced in Ontario in April 1994. The requirement to obtain G1, G2, and finally, G license is the result of the same regulation. You have to be at least 16 years old to get your license. There are several stages before you are able to get your full G license.

Stage 1:
You have to get your G1 license before you are able to take your in-car lessons. To get your G1 license, you have to take the written exam with the Ministry of Transportation. The exam is not difficult as long as you know how to prepare for that. There is a couple of ways you can prepare for your G1 written test. You can either buy MTO’s Drivers Hand Book from any major store, or you can register with Gold Star Driving School while reading the Drivers Hand Book. The MTO approved BDE course (online theoretical part) we provide will help you prepare for G1 written test in addition to the Drivers Hand Book. Once you are ready to go for the G1 written test, you can go to any Drive Test Centre close to you to write your G1 written test. You will need almost $160 dollars and two pieces of ID for that. You will also be tested for your vision. Once you have passed knowledge and vision tests, you will be given a G1 divers license, which is your learner's permit and allows you to go for the road test 1 year from the issue date of your G1 driver’s license. A G1 license comes with several conditions you have to abide by while you gain experience to pass your G2 road test. These conditions are also covered in the Drivers Hand Book.

Stage 2:
Once the written course for G1 is successfully completed and you have obtained your G1 driver’s license, now, you are ready to take your in-car training lessons to prepare for your G2 road test. If you decide to go with MTO approved Beginner Driver Course provided by Gold Star Driving School, you can go for your road test just after 8 months from the issue date of your G1 driving license; otherwise, you have to wait for 1 year before you are able to go for your G2 road test. Gold Star Driving School specializes in preparing you for your G2 road test with excellent results. There are certain conditions you have to adhere to with G2 driving license, but for less than with G1 driving license. These conditions can also be found in the Drivers Hand Book.

Stage 3:
Once you have successfully passed your G2 road test and have your G2 driving license, now, you have to wait for 1 year before you are able to go for your full G license. This is the final stage of full graduated licensing. At this point, it is not possible to reduce the waiting time period of one year during which you can gain the experience and practice for your full G license. The full G exam, or in other words, the freeway examination, must be completed and passed within 5 years from the issue date of your G1 license; otherwise, the license will expire. Road test for a full G license is heavily focused on your ability to drive and manage yourself on Highway. To prepare for a full G license, Gold Star Driving School can help you take private lessons or packages that will make passing your G road test a whole lot easier. We believe in our students’ success and our excellence of service with great results. We will be more than happy to help you through this journey of quality.