Gold Star Driving

About Us

Ministry Approved Driving School & BDE Course Provider

Gold Star Driving School is committed to its students’ safety, success and excellence. Gold Star Driving School a Ministry of Transportation approved Beginner Driver Education course provider. We provide online and in-car training. MTO approved course includes 20 hours online, 10 hours in car (packages with more hours are available) and 10 hours of homework.

MTO approved course is not the only training we provide. We also provide training for Safety Maneuver course, Emergency Maneuver course, training for driving under different weather conditions, Defensive Driving course and Driver’s Improvement course. Our courses are available online 24/7. You can register for your course and complete the 20 hours required for the MTO course at the convenience of your home and suitable to your schedule. Our course is fun, easy and user-friendly. In-car lessons can be arranged according to your ease and scheduled as well.

About Us

Our prices are fair according to the high quality of service we strive to provide to each and every student. There are no hidden costs. Prices for additional services are communicated upfront and clearly. In case of any questions, we guide and inform our students on timely bases. Our students’ safety, knowledge, confidence in their skills, training to pass the road test and knowledge of keeping safe afterwards is our priority.

Our instructors are well qualified to best train for G2 and G road tests. MTO approved course is available for high school student, novice students, immigrants, seniors, nervous drivers and new or old drivers. Our students are a family to us, and we are committed to their safety, benefit, success bringing knowledge and excellence. Kindly refer to the information and frequently asked questions posted on the website or contact our office in case you have any questions for us, need further information, inquiry, have any concerns or would like to register for our course. We answer calls for long hours, 7 day a week, to serve you better.