Yes! You can start your online course without having your G1 license. You can start the theory part of the course while preparing for the G1 theory test, and once you obtain your G1 license, you can start your driving part of the course as well. In fact, this online course might help you prepare for the G1 theory test in addition to MTO’s driver's handbook. Please keep in mind MTO gives you one year to complete the course. Make sure to give yourself enough time to complete the course, which consists of 20 hours online, 10 hours of homework and 10 hours of in-car training.

If you complete our Beginners Driver Education program, you become eligible to go for the road test just after 8 months from the issue date of your G1 driver’s license. If the Beginners Driver Education program is not completed, you have to wait for one year to go for the road test. These 8 months are counted from the issue date of your G1 license and not from the registration date of your course. Once you have completed the Beginner Driver’s Education program, the certificate of completion is added to your government driver’s history, which can be accessed for the time reduction and insurance discount (if available) as well. In other words, completing the BDE program will reduce your waiting period by 4 months. We are MTO approved driving school, and our BDE course consists of 40 hours.  20 hours online, 10 hours of homework link and 10 hours of in-car training. Once 40 hours requirement is completed and the BDE course is finished, you are eligible to go for the early road test.

MTO requires that you complete at least 10 hours of in-car training to complete the MTO approved certification. If you are taking private lessons as you go, this is not the requirement. You will be evaluated as you go and can purchase more hours if required. Most students feel like 10 hours of driving practice is enough in case you are going for MTO approved certificate, which is always preferred due to insurance discount opportunity, early road test booking and authentic exposure to MTO approved curriculum, laws and rules. In an instance where you feel like 10 hours of practice is not enough, then you can always purchase and add individual hours. Your instructor will evaluate your performance and will give you feedback on your improvement and skills needed to become a safer driver and pass the road test.

Yes! You can pay in installments. We have a flexible instalment plan available. You can pay your payment in two instalments. Half before you start the online course and half before you start the in-car training. However, if you decide to pay in instalments, please keep in mind that the total payment has to be made before you start the in-car lessons. Please call our office for further details if you have any questions about our payment plan available for driving school students.

20 hours online portion of the course can be completed within 4 days (5 hours per day), but there are no restrictions on 10 hours of homework. After completing 5 hours from 20 hours of online course portion per day, if students want to study more, they can work on 10 hours of homework on the same day. The entire online course can be completed within four days given all the 30 hours (20 hours of the online course, 10 hours of homework is completed). 

The students who complete their BDE course through MTO approved BDE course providers might be eligible for insurance discount through their car insurance provider. Once you complete your BDE course, your driver’s license history gets updated for the completion of the course, which is the proof that you have completed the BDE certification course. DLH is the document that is issued by the MTO. It is available from Service Ontario or can be ordered online. While considering the insurance discount, your insurance provider might take your DLH for BDE course completion as one of the insurance discount factors. For further details, please talk to your insurance provider.

BDE course consists of 20 hours of online course, 10 hours of homework and at least 10 hours of in-car training. Ministry of Transportation requires these 40 hours to be completed for successful completion of the BDE course and certificate of driver’s license history. The BDE course gives you a strong knowledge of driving rules and regulations, the opportunity for early road test booking, and a certificate of BDE course completion from MTO and might get you an insurance discount from your insurance provider as well.

Yes! You can start the course at any time. You can complete your online course at your own pace and at the convenience of your home. The course is fun, interactive and user-friendly. You have to complete 20 hours online, 10 hours of homework and 10 hours of in-car training for MTO certification. Completing these hours should not be a problem, but make sure you complete it within a year assigned to you by MTO. This year starts from your course registration date.

Your course is valid for one full year from the date of your course registration. MTO does not certify students who take longer than one year to finish the course.

Gold Star Driving School focuses on student’s success and safety. Each student’s training plan is designed to cater the needs of the student, at top of following the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) approved curriculum. Our student’s safety and success is our success. We operate in several cities to serve you better. Our online course is fun, user-friendly and is Ministry of Transportation approved. Our in-car instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and licensed by the Ministry of Transportation. We evaluate our staff and instructor’s performance on an ongoing basis and take active steps toward continuous growth and customer satisfaction. Our instructors are professional, patient and friendly, and take the time to evaluate the needs of students and teach them at their pace and comfort level. Our customer service is available for long hours to accommodate our students’ needs as soon as possible. We are here for our students every step of the way, and their safety and success is our top priority.

Yes, free pick-up and drop-off is provided unless you live in a restricted or congested area where training to successfully pass the road test is not possible.

Yes, you can use your instructor’s car for the road test for an additional cost if you have Package # 1 and, depending on the road test location, if you have Package # 2 or 3. Students taking individual lessons can also use the instructor’s car, depending on the location of the road test, for an additional cost. It is also preferable that you use the same car for the road test you have been using for training. Familiarity with the car puts you at ease and makes you confident while doing the road test. The instructor’s car also comes with a dual break and makes the examiner confident in his or her job. The school sign at the top of the car lets other drivers know that the student is a beginner driver. Our instructors are very familiar with the road test locations, and they prepare the students, keeping in mind, that they should be safe drivers and are trained enough to pass the road test, which serves them better, both on the road and during the road test.

Gold Star Driving School has several locations and instructors working all over the cities to serve you better. We can arrange a meeting point with the instructor if the pickup place is way too far. Please call our office if you have any questions for us regarding this.

Online course completion is not a requirement for starting your in-vehicle training. The only requirement by MTO to start the in-vehicle training is having a G1 license. As long as you have a G1 license, you can start your in-vehicle training. It is up to you if you want to complete the theory part of the online course first to refresh your knowledge, want to do both online and in-vehicle at the same time or want to start the in-vehicle training first. You can choose whatever order you want to start it in.

You can wait as long as you want to start your in-car lessons, but keep in mind your course expiry date is one year from the date of your course registration date. Ministry of Transportation does not certify you if all the 40 hours, 20 hours online, 10 hours of homework and 10 hours of in-car training are not completed within one year of the course registration date.

We are a Ministry of Transportation approved Beginners Driver Education course provider. The MTO’s requirements to complete the BDE course for certification are 20 hours of online course, 10 hours of homework and at least 10 hours of in-car training. Once these requirements are completed, we update MTO’S system for course completion, and your Driver’s License History with Service Ontario gets updated. Kindly confirm with us for all the updates in the system before you go to Service Ontario for your certificate or to order it online. 

At Gold Star Driving School, our priority is our students, and our goal is to keep it as economical for students as possible while not compromising on the standards of service we provide. All the MTO approved driving schools offer the same certificate issued by the Ministry of Transportation, there is no difference in the certificate or when it comes to the availability of insurance discount. Our course (theory part) is online and saves funds in rent. We use these funds wisely to keep our standards of service and quality of education high while making it affordable for the majority of students. Our staff and instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced; therefore, word of mouth makes a difference as well.

You have to book your road test through the Ministry of Transportation. The best way to book the road test is either to visit or call 1-888-570-6110. You may also want to purchase Package # 2 or 3, or upgrade to Package # 2 or 3 if you have Package # 1, If you want your instructor to help you with the car for the road test or road test process as a whole.

Our full course packages are eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase under our refund policy. The $50 administration fee is nonrefundable out of total charges. However, no refunds are available once the course is started. You have 1 year from the date of your registration to complete the full course. If not completed within one year Ministry of Transportation will not certify you.

If you completed your BDE course after September 2008, you are eligible for a DLH certificate. Proof of your course completion gets forwarded to the MTO and added to your driver’s license (DLH) history at Service Ontario. To get a copy of your DLH certificate for the completion of your BDE course, you can either go to Service Ontario or get the copy online for almost $12.