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Driving School Mississauga - MTO Approved BDE Course Provider

Gold Star Driving School Mississauga has been operating for years and has several handy locations. Our driving school in Mississauga, ON is well-known in the Greater Toronto Area and is the top option for high school students. Our percentage of road test pass rates are more with flexible, inexpensive, and MTO approved driving school and BDE courses provider as we know Mississauga streets, parallel parking, traffic, and congestion.


Driving School Mississauga, ON


We instruct defensive driving training since it is our goal to provide our young drivers with the best possible driver education so that we can ensure that all road users are safe. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has accredited our team of qualified driving instructors committed to promoting road safety. Enroll in one of our MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Courses at our Mississauga driving school to learn how to drive safely, confidently, and without accidents.


Join with GoldStar, MTO approved "driving school near me" in Mississauga and discover the best insurance savings we offer all newly licensed drivers who successfully finish the program.


MTO Approved Driving School in Mississauga, ON


GoldStar Driving School has been in operation for several years. It has many accessible locations, making it the top choice for high school students in Mississauga and surrounding cities in the GTA, as we are Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider. We provide highly effective, flexible, and economical lessons at our driver training school Mississauga, along with the best rate and high road test success.


Our driving courses are available in-person and online at your convenience, with additional safeguards to keep you healthy and safe. Our staff of experts in driver education is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. The business owner trains, certifies, and reevaluates them annually.


Enroll in one of our Goverment Approved Beginner Driver Education Courses to learn how to drive defensively, safely, and confidently on the Mississauga Road!


As we correctly train our young driver students to be the finest and safest drivers they can be, our in-class settings are bright, always kept clean, and have a pleasant and energetic feel, giving emergency maneuvers and techniques.


Our driving courses are offered all year long; we provide weekday courses throughout the summer break in addition to weekend, evening, and 4-day courses. You may always make up a missed session at any time within a year if you cannot attend.


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Join the Best Driving School Near Me in Mississauga, ON - Learn to Drive Safely!

Along with teaching students how to drive, GoldStar Driving School Mississauga also teaches them how to survive on the road. Our professors are incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. They provide flexible timetables that work with the schedules of our pupils. Each one-on-one in-vehicle appointment is between the student and the instructor.


To enable quicker program completion, GoldStar allows students to simultaneously complete driving courses for all ages, in-class/online courses, and in-vehicle lessons. We respect them and want to do our best for them. We don't have any hidden fees or charges; we provide transparency and reasonableness in affordable driving lessons Mississauga.


Our top concern is and will always be ensuring the safety of our students. We also provide manual car driving lessons Mississauga. Please call us with any queries about our driving school Mississauga. Our lines are available from 8 am to 11 pm. You can also perform a quick Google search with the keywords “driving school near me” to contact us.


Beginner Driving Lessons in Mississauga

Our driving school Mississauga, offers G2 and G in-car lesson packages and driving courses approved by the Ministry of Transportation. Sign up right away for a driving course (beginning driver education classes) to gain a certificate, a discount on your insurance, and to see how much driving lessons cost in Ontario.


The following packages are available for the BDE Course: SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, and VIP. We can assist you in passing your G2/G Road Test after enrolling for in-car driving lessons Mississauga, but you won't be qualified for an insurance discount.


In Ontario, all Ministry Approved Driver Education Courses know about traffic laws and will help you prepare to pass your road tests. They will instruct you on traffic regulations, road signs and signals, safe driving practices, and other essentials to feel comfortable and secure while operating a vehicle.


The basics will cover things like the parts of the car, driver behavior, attention control, sharing the road with other drivers, highway driving, how to drive safely in different situations, and more! (Basically, all the driving information you'll need!) Additionally, BDE Courses will teach you the penalties for driving while intoxicated, distracted, etc.


All driving schools with Ministry approval must offer at least the following:

  • Instruction in the classroom for 20 hours
  • In-vehicle training for 10 hours
  • 10 hours of flexible teaching (either via in-person driving lessons, assigned reading, or computer-based training)

Find us online by adding "driving lessons near me" Google, or contact us to learn more about our customized in-car driving lessons Mississauga.


Driving FAQs


Are 10 hours of driving lessons enough in Ontario?

You must finish at least ten (10) hours as required by the Ministry of Transportation to be eligible for certification. Your in-car instructor will let you know whether you need to get additional practice. We also offer packages and extra private driving lessons if you need more than ten hours. The more you drive, the more confident you will feel about passing your road test.


How many driving lessons do you need in Ontario?

Depending on the province or territory, beginner driver education programs driving lessons Mississauga include up to 20 hours of classroom instruction, either in person or online, and a minimum of 10 hours of in-vehicle training with a qualified instructor.


How much do driving lessons cost in Mississauga, Ontario

The price range for our driving school Mississauga is from $575 to $800, with an average cost of $600. The cost will vary depending on the driving school and driving lessons Mississauga package you choose. Although it may appear expensive, it should be viewed as a long-term investment leading to reduced auto insurance.


Can you drive on the 401 with a G1?

When driving on any 400-series highway, a G1 driver must have a qualified Ontario driving instructor in the passenger seat.

I live outside the Mississauga, can i still join your driving school?

Indeed, We at Gold star driving school cover several locations for students who live outside the Mississauga, to learn to drive. Check it here.