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Driving School Toronto

At Gold Star Driving School, learn how to drive and gain the confidence you need to drive car defensively and pass your driving test. Our driving instructors are certified, experienced, and familiar with Toronto’s streets, parallel parking, traffic, and congestion. Gold Star car driving school Toronto provides Beginner driver education classes. Our instructors assist you in passing your driver's license exam and help you learn how to drive defensively.

As one of the best driving schools in Toronto, Canada, we think that part of learning to drive should involve emergency maneuvers and techniques for avoiding distracted driving's negative effects. Locate us on the net with the phrase driving school near me. Know about our best discount insurance offer to newly licensed drivers after course completion.


Join the Best Driving School in Toronto, ON

For in-car training, early road test booking, MTO certification, and car insurance discounts, Gold Star car driving school in Toronto strongly advises students to enroll in the full BDE course. Certainly, this will ensure they have a solid understanding of driving laws and regulations and excellent driving skills.


Nevertheless, if you choose individual testing, training, and private lessons, you can rest easy knowing that we have our own tailored driving training programs since we also have full-course pupils. We put a lot of emphasis on your complete achievement, safety, and learning. Undoubtedly, success for our students is success for us. We have extensive expertise in defensive driving training students across most GTA regions.


Our students can access a range of lessons and courses, including regular 1-hour lessons and intense weekend/evening courses tailored to quickly prepare for your driving test. Furthermore, our services at our car driving school Toronto come in a variety of formats.


Features of Our Driving Lessons in Toronto

  • Our in-car driving lessons in Toronto come with easy home pickup options. With our in car driving lessons Toronto, you immediately become used to the feel of a real automobile and may test your driving theory knowledge in a real vehicle. Certainly, your safety is guaranteed by the instructor brake controls on all our vehicles.
  • Our driving instructors in Toronto are fully qualified and possess the required ISO-9001 Driving School Certification paperwork to practice as instructors in Canada.
  • Driving courses for all ages- we have courses for first-time learners, 16-year-olds, to senior citizens who might require a refresher course to hone their driving abilities.
  • Award-winning customer service, as demonstrated by our company receiving the Consumer Choice Award distinction in 2017 and 2018, reaffirming our commitment to providing excellent customer service and information.
  • Flexible scheduling means you may learn to drive without significantly interfering with your ability to juggle your job, family, and other responsibilities.
  • Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off is Provided


Experienced Driving Instructors at Gold Star Driving School in Toronto

Our driving school is run by professionally qualified instructors with knowledge and experience in Canadian driving rules and regulations. Furthermore, our teachers at a car driving school Toronto are recognized for their tolerance of beginner and amateur drivers. They remain composed and authoritative throughout their learning curve. They never compromise the safety of other road users with manual car driving lessons in Toronto.


We make sure that each of our students at our driving training school in Toronto learns how to operate a vehicle without being distracted. They are trained to execute all the maneuvers and driving skills needed to pass a driving test. Consequently, they become a safe and capable driver on Canadian roads.

Register with us for the best driving school lessons near me and learn to drive car on Toronto street with confident!


Beginners Drivers Education Course Provider Toronto

The Ministry of Transportation-approved driving courses and G2/G In-Car Lessons Packages are available at our car driving school in Toronto. To receive a certificate and an insurance discount and to know how much driving lessons cost in Ontario, register right away for a driving course (beginner driver education courses). BDE Course is offered in different packages, view all drivers training courses and pricing. After enrolling in in-car classes, we can help you pass your G2/G Road Test, and certification process for Insurance discount from MTO.


Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Approved Driving School Toronto

The Ministry of Transportation has authorized the Beginner Driver Course offered by our driving school in Toronto. Participants can engage in several levels of interaction and learning. There are several practice exercises incorporated into the course. These include several scenario-based questions and exercises that aid in the comprehension of driving lessons in Toronto while enhancing memory.

Young students who enroll in beginner driver education courses get a full year's worth of access. The program is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The one-year period begins with the course enrollment.

  • The curriculum centers on engaging presentations, exercises, interesting films, and quizzes.
  • Students can learn from the comfort of their homes, schools, or any other place and at their speed at any time that suits them.
  • Our car driving school in Toronto helps you become confident, safe drivers and ready for your road test.

There are three segments to this course:

  • 20 hours of theory online
  • 10 hours of online tutorials and in-car driving lessons in Toronto
  • 10 hours of personalized driving lessons in Toronto.

The MTO BDE certification course should take a student a minimum of 40 hours to complete. After that, they can qualify for an MTO certificate at our car driving school in Toronto. Undoubtedly, all aspects of driving lessons in Toronto must be finished.


Flexible Driving Lessons in Toronto

You can make the most of our personalized in-car lessons. Select a custom-designed package that suits your needs and budget. Anyone needing to brush up on their driving techniques can take advantage of personalized in-car lessons. These driving lessons can be helpful for experienced drivers as well. Certainly, they can regain their confidence behind the wheel.

New drivers can get additional on-road practice with a qualified in-car instructor. Our in-car instructor will adjust the exercises to meet the needs of each student. These include learning parking skills, driving on the highway or in a city, de-stressing, upgrading information, or helping newcomers become accustomed to driving in Ontario.

Know more about Gold Star personalized in-car lessons. Enroll today with Gold Start driving school near me and reach us. Follow our blogs for car driving best practice, tips & tricks.